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something I saw today

in the middle of the day I watched the British film The Secret of Moonacre. I wanted to see it because of the trailers, but as soon as it started I realised I knew it inside-out: it’s based on a book I loved reading as a kid, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.

The film was good (the costumes a definite highlight) but nothing special. Except for this one moment.

Ioan Gruffudd plays the enigmatic, rude uncle our heroine goes to stay with after her parents die.

He neglects her so she wanders the house and starts playing the piano she finds in a deserted parlour, because it begs to be played. Her uncle comes to the doorway and when he sees her he breathes as though he’s reminding himself to. As though he’s saying: Just keep on keeping on, even though your heart is in pieces.