a piece of good news, to weigh against the bad

After being so vocal about my difficulties in dealing with rejection letters and such, I feel I should share this lovely piece of good news.

Back in March I entered the Valerie Parv Award 2010, one of the bigger Australian comps for unpublished romance manuscripts.

Just the other day I got a call from Kylie at RWAustralia. I honestly couldn’t say what it was about until she said: “Your manuscript has gone into the finals!”

For a moment or two I was just gonna go into the same normal cool response I give most things, like: “Oh, great, thanks!”

And then I thought – what the hell am I thinking! “That’s amazing news! Yay, how excitement!” and generally let myself be a total dag, which was fun.

Hey, it’s not often you get a phone call like that, ya know?

Then I posted it as my facebook status and my little bro sent me a message saying: OMG, call me NOW!

“There must be at least, like, ten thousand people who enter,” I said with great pride. “And I am in the top seven!

“Wow, that’s amazing,” he replied, and we spent the next few minutes more or less applauding my genius.

Ok, so it turns out there were probably more like 150 entrants, but it’s still exciting, right?

I got the judges’ comments back today for the preliminary round, and one even gave me a perfect score. How proud am I? Next it gets printed and shipped off to the desk of VP herself.

Still, it makes you think. I came 4th in preliminaries against 150 or so other entrants. Good agents get at least that many manuscripts on their desk every day. And they might take on 1 or 2 new clients a year for romance. Sigh.

Does this make me a glass-half-empty-er?

Doesnae matter. Right now I’ll drink that glass up in celebration of good news received.

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  1. Cheryl

    A full glass for someone who isn’t thirsty is less satiating than the drops in a glass quoffed (is that a word) by a thirsty person — very instantaneous wisdom. You’re a winner Anna, even if it’s a 1/4 winner.

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