what’s with vampires, anyway? (a naff little rant)

Just finished watching the second season of Being Human, and watched True Blood (s03e04) yesterday. So much blood.

I know vampires are huge right now, blah-di-blah. But what is it about those rivers of blood that makes me feel…


It makes me think of the incredible description by Anne Rice in Interview with a Vampire when Louis drinks from his first human. I really wish I had the quote. Louis describes the way he can feel the heartbeat, the way he swoons inside the human until he almost dies with him.

Maybe that’s the fascination: vampires have intimate knowledge of what’s inside us, beyond DNA. They know, much better than us, what makes us human.

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  1. cheryl nekvapil

    Kathleen Plowman said this afternoon that her favourite novel is titled — “Interview with a Vampire” by Anne Rice and I said that Anii has a blog entry about vampires so I would pass on the enthusiasm — but now I see that it looks as though you’ve already read it. She told me a bit of what it’s about but it didn’t persuade me to overrule my rule never to read vampire books or go to vampire movies. Another missed opportunity.

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