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Jen Weiner and Jodi Picoult question the huge amount of publicity Jonathan Franzen is receiving for his new book Freedom. It has started a furious debate on what I’m sure is an age-old theme: high- versus low-art.

Ten points if you can guess which side of the fence I fall on.

Possibly the most popular 8-bit game around [ok, I have been corrected by my little bro who points out that Mario has to fit in the equation somewhere. Let’s say most highly acclaimed]. Apparently it’s practically impossible to find a bug, and the play is incredibly well thought out.

Also, there’s a very cute flying dragon (only, if you decide to fly him you also decide to leave the floating castle and the rest of the world to the evil doctor’s mercy. You get to have a nice, quiet life, though. Still – consequences.)

A heart-rate accelerator of a new chapter in my favourite m/m romance fantasy.

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