this is paranormal

I haven’t read much paranormal romance really at all, despite it being possibly the largest sub-genre at the mo. But have just started in on Kresley Cole‘s Immortals After Dark series and am well past impressed.

Loving it!

This is what first gave me the hint that I might feel this way: The heroine is called “Mariketa the Awaited” – a nice, fantasy heroine name and epithet. It sort of made me sigh a bit, with suspended judgement, and expect a mysterious, conflicted woman, possibly wearing a hood.

(Ok, so she wears a hood, but more in the style of a cheeky Little Red Riding Hood than anything else. She has a werewolf chasing her, after all.)

So I open the book and the first line is a quote from Mariketa the Awaited: Love spells are a lot like platform diving. Once you start the process, there’s no going back, and the end will be fugly if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.

There goes the old-school fantasy heroine, replaced by a girl I love. It’s only made better when she tells the hero off, saying: “I need a male who’ll be able to get me through the ice world in Zelda.”

I’m reading the third book in the series, because it’s the only one the library had on hand, but the seventh has just come out, and I’m starting to suspect it’ll be one of those series that empties my wallet because I have to have them all.

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