If I can do my dishes maybe I can save the world

I can’t do my dishes. Ever, really. I wouldn’t dare tell you what’s waiting on my sink, growing new ecosystems – or maybe it’s on to universes by now.

I do occasionally wonder just what I stand to gain by this. I’m sure there’s something lame and self-defeating.

The only solution I can think of is to become habitual with it, which brings to mind what an incredibly useful tool habit is. It’s almost like a cheat, a shortcut we have access to for getting a body to do things.

I know that when I was writing 6 hours a day, habit made that possible. It turned writing into something my body craved.

What couldn’t we achieve, if doing became a habit?

Then again, if saving the world requires me to do my dishes, you might want to add some good romance novels to your cachet of tinned food and water.

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  1. cheryl nekvapil

    Where would one of those modern inventions called dishwashers fit into this dilemma? Or into your kitchen for that matter. It could be useful little non-human looking (unlike the litle guy in Japan) robot to keep you company. It could wash dishes while you stock up the Romance Novel provisions!

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