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what’s in a name?

So, as part of my job, I ask a lot of people their names every day. And their reply can tell you a lot about how someone feels about their name and therefore a lot about them.

If someone smiles and confidently says “Jessica” while staring you straight in the eyes, they must be quite happy about being Jessica. But when:


“Sorry, what was that?”


turns out to be “Brian”, he’s probably not too happy to be Brian. Or, Errerer.

So, try this:

The next time someone asks you for your name, before answering think how you feel about your name. Your relationship to it and it to you.

And then answer, and see what comes out.

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  1. cheryl nekvapil

    I’m off to research this and will check the results! Does it count if you end up asking the person a couple of times what their name is as the listener isn’t always good at retaining the name?? It’s probably more a thing for older listeners, unless you’re a friend of ours who mucks it up even when referring to his sons. Any thoughts about listeners???

  2. cheryl nekvapil

    But anyway, so far, research into my relationship with my own name will be straightforward. I’ve always suspected that my real name is Annie-Rose — which is interesting in itself!

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