chemical love

occasionally when a hero kisses a heroine and she melts in his arms, I think “Puh-lease”.

But I really don’t have a single leg/toe/molecule to stand on. I am psychologically unable to stay rigidly upright when kissed.

When you think about it objectively this is really weird. A soft bit of my face touches a soft bit of his face and I melt. Hmmm. These are the moments when I wonder what on earth is zipping through my body.

Special k wants to understand the chemistry of coffee roasting and brewing. Maybe I should attempt to understand the chemistry of kisses. And love.

It’s never made sense to me to dismiss love as “just a chemical reaction”. Wouldn’t it be stranger if we felt something so fervent independently to the body? Er, would that be possible? It’s pretty chicken-and-egg stuff.

It reminds me of this amazing video I watched recently. A scientist explains the universe – the weight, shape and life-span of it. And then he more or less says:

We can only understand it this way, because it is the universe we see this way. In another billion years scientists will see a different universe altogether and that is the universe they will describe.

(He takes the simpler (narrower/more cynical/more sensible?) view that because the universe can be explained, religion is discounted. He wouldn’t allow that a chemical reaction is the physical manifestation or expression of love. Probably.)

I don’t think physical phenomena and the myths we tell about them can never be independent of each other.

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