another writing day

I’m not doing very well writing at the moment. Doing slightly better with my dishes – I put my mum on speaker phone tonight, and some family gossip made the process much easier to bear.

I can’t exactly employ the same tactic with writing, but I have been making at least two writing dates a week, and it’s kinda working.

Today, me and Cat had a mega-writing day with ice cream in it. It would have been morning-till-night mega, except that I had to go to choir.

I love choir.

Some really good things from the day:

Going right into Cat’s world-building for a couple of hours, just spinning ideas out, chucking them, building on them, reversing them, is an amazing creative exercise. It put me right back into what’s at the heart of writing – the excitement that a story, and the world of a story, generates.

I don’t tend to do this kind of rigorous thinking, though I’m getting much better at it, now that my characters are getting complicated enough to warrant it. I highly recommend trying it out some time: it’s the kind of creative magic that can only happen between two or more brains. That makes it a bit scary, because the ideas aren’t only in your head anymore, they’re out there for disagreement and transformation.

Cat pointed out that my hero has actually declared his intention to seduce my heroine. I had written that without realising it. It changes everything. Then we also realised that, given the Machiavel he is, he would probably actually be planning to put some other man up to doing it for him.

Which led to the thought that my hero, having had his loneliness taken advantage of by a servant as a kid, has probably never had adult/consensual sex…GASP! (Including the kind when you forget to use a condom.)

Then there was ice cream.


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