banning the chuckle; waiting for checkmate

today is just a rant about a pet peeve of mine.

Every time a hero chuckles at a heroine, it makes me want to throw the book. It’s most often in the lead-up to a sex scene which makes it doubly patronising. Wouldn’t you hit a man who chuckled at you?

So I hereby call a ban on all male chuckling. Hell, all female chuckling too. Unless you particularly want a character to be smug, self-satisfied and patronising, of course.

End rant.

In other news, I am waiting for Cat to arrive for another writing day, and she is bringing Checkmate with her – long-awaited sixth and final book in the Lymond Chronicles.


(special k is not going to enjoy the next few days. Wife? What wife?)

I think I’ll make banana muffins while I wait.

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  1. Alex

    Amen on the chuckle!

    I remember creating the time to read Checkmate, usually on weekends: taking a nap mid-afternoon, drink some Cokes (don’t drink coffee) and wait for boyfriend to go to bed… o glorious nights 🙂

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