another not so so-so sunday

How cool was this week?

Jodi introduced us to the early (female) novelists; Jo talked about writing personal experience into historical fiction – as well as Just Making Stuff Up; Liz described the process of reading and reading for pleasure; I asked why sex always hurts the first time in romance; and Cat gave a master-class in creating and sustaining tension.

Also the accidental housewife was referred to as both a salon and an orgy on twitter. Success!

Next week we have three future super-stars stepping up to the plate, and a post by Cecilia Grant (fangirl moment!).

Interesting things around the internet this week are all on Radish Review’s Linkspam. Is that internet-cannibalism, if my only link is a link to another links page? This is how information works! Information is a cannibal!

Although I will pull one out as a definite highlight:

This post in which Kristin Cashore bares her book-writing process to the world. She writes by hand, so you can see every painful step, as well as the helpful little notes she writes herself, like, Don’t freak out and Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad. It’s terrifying but also inspiring. I was especially glad I’d seen it today when I realised I have to rewrite my whole teen romance.

And now to prizes! Also, fun things have arrived in the mail. Let me show you:

UPDATE: Isobel requested that I redraw in favour of a reader, and I picked Willaful’s name out of the hat. Congratulations Willaful! An accidental housewife e-reader cover will be winging its way to you in the new year.

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