this is the end. and, of course, the beginning.

The final wrap-up of my series of guest posts fell through the floorboards. Christmas has floorboards. But I have managed to sneak it in just on the cusp of a new year!

The final week of posts had Cara McKenna talking about how she uses place as character short-hand (and led to an excellent discussion about unconscious stereotyping); Cath Crowley gave a breath-taking description of what it takes to leave one book behind and embark on the next; Toni Jordan talked about the worth in studying Creative Writing, though it is often dismissed; Sherry Thomas gave a lesson on using objects as powerful emotional motifs; and Meredith Duran meditated on the eternal nature of love – even when it breaks your heart.

It was such a joy and a privilege to host this series. Not only because it put me in contact with so many people I admire – and every single one of their posts made me catch my breath when I opened and read it – but because of the wider conversation it generated, and the people I’ve befriended here and on twitter because of it.

One of my favourite parts of reading and writing romance is the intelligent, thought-provoking online discourse. Non-romance readers are always surprised when I tell them that. Cecilia Grant has listed her favourite posts of 2012, and it’s an excellent place to reflect on the year.

The year the world was supposed to end.

Thank you so much for reading the series. Next year it’ll be back to a weekly post from me, with the occasional guest post chucked in when someone says something that really interests me and I say Can you write me a post about that?

And now special k and I struggle through the Boxing Day coma to bring you the final prize-draw! (There are two videos. There was a small technical difficulty. It’s a bit of a long story, but it had to do with a drawer.)

Congratulations Nicole and Kaetrin! Your accidental housewife e-reader covers will make their way to you in the new year. And everyone, stick close to Willaful. She’s got something lucky about her.

Here’s to an even better year for romance in 2013! I can’t wait.

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  1. Merrian

    I have very much enjoyed your guest bloggers and the great conversation in the comments. I also love the Gothic elegance of your blog design too. I am looking forward to more conversation and deep thinking in 2013.

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