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After three and a half years, my book has undergone its final title change! It began life as The Three Loves of Miss Beatrice Sutherland. When my heroine was no longer called Beatrice, and she most definitely didn’t fall in love three times, it changed to My Lady Untamed. For various reasons it has now become, simply, Untamed. I love it. There’s something powerful about that single, volatile word – and as my editor Carol pointed out, it means it can also apply to my hero, which it certainly does.

So if my book was a ship, this is where I would break a bottle of champaign against the hull, over the painted words.

Untamed will be available internationally on May 15th, which will have real-life champagne and possibly confetti. This means I have done my last round of copyedits and the manuscript’s off in the hands of a proofreader, never to be fiddled with by me again. (That sounds dirty. Writing is pretty intimate, though, after all.) We’re still waiting on the final cover design, but I just know it’s going to be so, so pretty and I can’t wait till we can all see it!

What I do have is the official blurb. Many of you witnessed my first and second attempts at writing a blurb for this book, and gave me huge amounts of help with it. The truth is, even after days spent on three small paragraphs, I never came up with anything good. My editor Sarah sent me this blurb yesterday, and it made me go, I wanna read that book!

Outspoken and opinionated, Katherine Sutherland is ill at ease amongst the fine ladies of Regency London. More familiar with farmers, her blunt opinions and rough manners offend polite society. Yet when she hears the scandalous rumours involving her sister and the seductive Duke of Darlington, the fiercely loyal Katherine vows to save her sister’s marriage – whatever the cost.

Intrigued by Katherine’s interference in his affairs, the manipulative Duke is soon fascinated. He engages in a daring deception and follows her back to her country home. Here, their intense connection shocks them both. But the Duke’s games have dangerous consequences, and the potential to throw both their lives into chaos…

Wildly romantic, Untamed is a passionate and beautifully written debut novel. This decadent historical romance defies convention and will shock and delight in equal measure.


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  1. Raewyn Bright

    Hi Anna

    Congratulations on your debut! Love the title, and the blurb seems so effortless – how do they do it.

    I’m absolutely ready to be shocked and delighted, can’t wait until May 15.


  2. Cecilia Grant

    Forgive me for being obnoxious, but the second sentence has a misplaced modifier.

    As written, it’s saying that Katherine’s rough manners and blunt opinions are more familiar with farmers, rather than that Katherine herself is more familiar with farmers. For a certain percentage of the reading public, this is a nails-on-the-chalkboard grammatical error. You don’t want those people to dismiss your book because of this! (Especially because, if memory serves me correctly, the grammar in the book is pretty much flawless.)

    I really can’t wait for this book to come out. I expect it to be polarizing in the most excellent way.

    1. anna cowan Post author

      Ack! Thank you so much for pointing this out. Not obnoxious at all. I think Liz Mc2 was bemoaning exactly this grammatical error recently – and you’re absolutely right, it would stop some people from even opening the book. I’ll let my editor know right away!

      I can’t even predict how this book’s going to be received – but I’m pretty sure “polarising” will be in there somewhere.

  3. Merrian

    Untamed’s release day is now written in red letters on my calendar. I am really looking forward to reading about a manipulative cross dressing Duke

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