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Dear regular readers (oh how I have neglected you!), and newcomers (welcome!), and random stumblers-upon-my-blog (also welcome!),

As previously discussed, I’ve been a pretty rubbish blogger this year. I’ll put it behind me, though, if you’ll be generous enough to do the same. Because right now I’m declaring myself on official maternal leave from being an Online Author Presence! I will still be an author, and still dream up worlds with lady-gliders in them (it’s really a thing, I can’t stop thinking about it), but you won’t be hearing from me for a couple of months – possibly even until next year.

If you’ve just come to my blog for the first time and want to read some amazing essays on Romance, may I recommend the guest series I hosted last year. I particularly recommend Cecilia Grant’s passionate defence of romance as a middle finger brandished in the face of existential despair, Scott Pearse’s meditation on masculinity and death, Cath Crowley’s description of moving from one book into the next… Look, just go read them all, okay?

If you’re interested in my Regency romance Untamed, you can find all the buy links on my books page. A print edition will be in Australian and NZ bookstores from 21st August – huzzah! It’s very heavy and pretty-looking, and the pages just beg you to jump right in.

It’s a bit weird to be on the other end of geo-restrictions, and I’m really sorry that readers elsewhere around the globe won’t have easy access to the print edition. You can probably source it online, but you may faint in horror at Australian book prices…

If you want to know more about Untamed – what it was like to write, how I feel about the characters, and the all-important question of who would play Darlington in the film version – here’s an interview I did with my publisher, Carol George:

And here’s me reading a short excerpt from the scene where the hero and heroine first meet:

I’ve been thrilled that so many readers are looking forward to seeing what I write next. I am too! I won’t be writing in earnest again until next year, so the book is still a little way off. But here’s a sketch of my murderous, debt-collecting heroine, if you want a sneak peek of what I’m thinking of writing.

I will be keeping an eye on blog comments, emails and twitter mentions, so if you leave me a message in one of these ways, please don’t feel you’re yelling into a void if you don’t receive a reply. Your message will be heard and appreciated!

In the meantime – happy reading, everyone!

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  1. Meriam

    Hi Anna. I’m one of the “newcomers” to your blog. I stumbled across a review for “Untamed” a few days ago and since then have been reading your blog/posts with great interest and enjoyment.

    Plus: I’ve had the first Lymond book gathering dust on my bookshelf for years: thanks to you and Cat, it’s getting bumped right to the top of my reading list.

    Best of luck with motherhood!

  2. Amara Royce

    Have a wonderful babymoon! I hope all goes wonderfully!

    Don’t worry about us. We’ll keep the place swept and tidy, and we’ll be waiting patiently. This is a big, huge, massive year for you…enjoy every second!

  3. Donna

    I first “met” you when you interviewed on History Hoydens and downloaded Untamed at that time. I finally read it yesterday, and I stopped by to say that it is without doubt one of the best romances I have ever read. Your prose reminds me of Barbara Kingsolver and Carlos Zafon (both wordsmiths), and I bookmarked several of your inventive, descriptive and beautiful sentences.

    I am happy to learn that you are “in anticipation of a happy event” as the Regency folks would say. Wishing you all of the best for a healthy baby.

  4. Feverfew

    Hi Anna,
    Untamed is the first het romance I’ve touched in years, because at one time I was just so fed up with the ‘gorgeous’, testosterone-oozing hunks and the ‘spirited’ (but slightly dumb) women, that I started to read m/m exclusively, a long time ago. To be honest, I only picked this one up, because it was recommended by C.S. Pacat, and I trust her taste.
    I’m only halfway through but I must say, I absolutely adore your characters! They are both very capable in their own way, and neither of them is dumbed down to make the other look better. They have weaknesses and vulnerabilities without coming across as pathetic. And I especially love that they are NOT all over each other from the get-go because they just ‘can’t contain themselves’ in their desire for each other, or whatever.
    You have managed to write the first het romance I’ve read without cringing and the feeling of enjoying a guilty pleasure. Thank you so much for this!
    I can’t wait for your book to be translated into German, because I know some people I would like to recommend or gift it to.
    More books like this would be welcome, as well, but for now I hope you’re enjoying your baby break and the upcoming christmas time.
    My best wishes to you and your family,

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