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I am the author of the gender-bending historical romance Untamed, and am hard at work on my murderous debt collector.

Between the two books I created two children, who are old enough now to take my brand new author photo (!!) and to tell me they want to be writers like me and when they grow up. Um, melt.

This blog is where I think out loud about writing. I break down the things I watch and read and try to figure out how they work, or don’t work. It tends to centre around love, romance, gender, feminism and writing.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!


Anna Cowan

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    1. Anna Cowan Post author

      Hi Bronwen! I’m so glad you enjoyed Untamed. I read it again every now and then and I always enjoy it too :-). I’m hard at work on a new book, and very much hoping I’ll sell it to a publisher this year. It has all the emotional intensity and gender queerness of Untamed, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I’ll be sure to post news about it here, and I intend to start a newsletter as well. But for now, all my work hours are going into the book itself. It’s truly amazing how long it takes to write a book! Thanks for reaching out. Anna x

  1. Courtney

    Untamed is my favorite book, my comfort book I reread at least 2 times a year. It’s amazing to hear you are working on another one!! Do you have a newsletter or any social media that we could follow on to stay up to date? Thank you for Kit and Jude, they are very dear to my heart ❤

    1. Anna Cowan Post author

      What a wonderful message! It warms my heart to know these characters and their story mean so much to you. I’m still working hard on the next book. At this stage I don’t have a newsletter set up, but I’ll be sure to post information to my website when I do, and when I have any further information about the book I’m working on.

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