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OmmWriter: an amazing tool

This beautiful piece of software comes from a design studio in Barcelona called Herraiz Soto & Co. It’s not trying to replace whatever word-processor you use. It’s a creative space to write in, that blanks out everything else, leaving just you, the words, and some cooky new-age music (optional, thank the lord).

Here’s a screen-shot of the program with the parameters visible: a dotted line around your “page” and five simple options for type style, type size, background image, keyboard sound effects and music:

Here’s a screen shot when it’s just you and the words:

There are no formatting options, and the font is very limited. This is not a program for structuring or editing. But for that sinking-into-your-writing feeling there’s nothing like it.

Even if you expand your word-processor window to fill your computer screen, it’s still bounded by scroll bars and tool bars and page borders. This program clears it all away. You know that lovely silence you get in your head when your room and desk are tidy?

Download the free version here. It only operates on mac so far.