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the photo finale

so I didn’t actually lose my camera – ta da! I can go back to smugly thinking my brothers are the forgetful ones in our family.

I’ve placed photos throughout my posts of the trip to Japan – which feels like a very weird and wonderful dream now, from rainy Melbourne. (Much like the man who dreamed of being a butterfly, special k finds coming back to life here more of a dream.)

Here are some pics of the place we stayed in Tokyo, and our first ramen meal.

Here one of the best meals we had the whole time.

Here some weird sushi and Shinjuku in all its glory.

Here Harajuku.

Here pics from the Museum of Science and Innovation. (includes Doraemon and Asimo…gotta love the Japanese!)

Here Great Tokyo Cycling Tour!

Here more 8-bit.

Here Kyoto.

Here another amazing meal. (Meal the last.)

And because I’m not entirely sure where it fits in, some shopping madness that came over me in Don Quijote. Much, much worse than opp-shop fever. I ended up buying two of the three – can you possibly pic the two slightly less-ugly sisters?

Japan is imminent

dear readers of my blog,

special k recently came home, exhausted but oddly determined and said “We’re going on holidays.” Yay! I thought, imagining the beach or some such.

“Japan, San Francisco or Hawaii,” he said, in that same determined way.

So in two days we’re off to Japan (the future) for 12 days of wandering around looking at all the weird and wonderful things.

Which gives you 12 days holiday too, because I won’t be updating whilst I’m away. (Oh no! I hear you shriek. How ever will I do without my fix of tv/romance novels/incest/the daily workings of this strange mind? Er, like I said, a HOLIDAY…)

Will post 12 days of Japan after I get back, so brace yourselves for weird pics and beautiful wallpaper.

Over and out.