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whine it: re-vi-sion

me and special k are housesitting for some rich people in Elwood. It’s pretty fun. We even get all the tv channels here!

We had some people around for a tres civilized dinner last night (because we had enough seats and cutlery for once). The writerly portion of the party was catching up and a friend was saying that a) she’s more-or-less finished her first draft – rejoice! And b) she now has the different and difficult task of looking at that lump of writing and figuring out what the hell her novel is – and then revising and rewriting.

It was kinda great to be reminded that the revision process (the wilderness I have been trekking through for over a year now) is hard. And that progress, in the wilderness, feels like stumbling round in circles.


I’m not taking part in NaNoWriMo, because I’m lost somewhere in the swamps of revision-land without a flint or a knife. Or Bear Grylls. But just as a nod to National Novel Writing Month, which is a glorious, contentious, hair-raising kind of a venture, here’s the facebook status of the year:

NaNo: day 18. Have managed to write 30,179 words of a story about a fat guy living with his mother. My wrists and elbows are killing me, may have RSI.