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puppetry and robotics

I went and saw a very odd, whimsical little puppet show tonight. If rubber gloves full of water with tin-can heads having sex and/or eating each other can be called whimsical…

It reminded me a lot of how I felt seeing Asimo interact with his human. It made me realise how impossible it would be, in a world with robotics, to emotionally distance myself from the robotic beings.

It made me think that maybe the ancient art of puppetry – of bringing inanimate objects to life, and through them expressing some of the deepest base human emotions – has a lot more to do with robotics than you would at first think.

I’m going to look into it and get back to you!

Day 5: Run, Robot! Run!

Ok, the complaining is officially over. Promise. We’ll blame it on the heat, and not mention it again.

Seriously, I saw a robot run today. Anyone who could stay in a funk after that would have a thing or two to learn from Asimo about being human.

It’s amazing how endearing the little guy is. Makes you realise how indiscriminate and easy our affections really are, and raises all kinds of incredibly interesting questions. (I’ll spare you from them, you’ll be glad to know. I need some sleep before our 6-hour bike tour tomorrow. It seemed like a good idea back when I was in Melbourne and it was cold.)

The Museum of Science and Innovation:



I went through a wormhole and shrank as I went!

okonomiyaki for dinner. mmmmmmmm.

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