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the Non-submission

so it turns out that mine eyes/brain have deceived me, and it was actually Suzie Townsend – another agent I’ve queried in the past (who according to The Rejection Book was very personable, but not the most tactful) – who is actively seeking submissions.

I considered submitting to Susannah Taylor anyway, as I plan to do it sometime, but my own experience of premature submissions has cautioned to wait until I feel that I’ve poured absolutely everything into the redraft.


the Resubmission

The way I’m saying that in my head is like the sinister title of a psychological thriller…

no but seriously.

I have been doing a lot of work re-imagining/re-inventing/re-creating my novel, and the direction I took with the redraft is largely due to Susannah Taylor’s rejection letter (see here for the whole story).

I saw on a loop today that she’s actively seeking submissions, so I put the question to Valerie/fairygodmother: are my first few chapters ready for a re-query?

She said go for it.

So here go my heart and nerves again. I don’t think there’s another huge overhaul of this book in my future, so this is sort of it.

It’s scary and it’s a feeling like I’m alive and forging ahead.