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my new favourite thing

some tv shows I watch, and I appreciate the absolute mastery of them: Mad Men and The Sopranos come to mind. Others I watch and they entertain the hell out of me: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Spartacus, the first two seasons of Gossip Girl.

Then there are the shows I fall in love with. The ones that make me think, This, THIS is my favourite tv show ever when I watch them. Last year there was Friday Night Lights (okay, I’ve just checked, and actually it was only a couple of months ago. But see, these are tv shows you miss like they’re people who aren’t in your life anymore) and now, weirdly, out of nowhere, there’s How I Met Your Mother.

I feel like this should not be my new favourite tv show. I grew up with Friends, and while I still think it’s a funny show, and while I remember watching breathlessly as Ross told Rachel how he felt under the planetarium stars, it wasn’t like this. It was, after all, a sitcom.

So the first achievement of How I Met Your Mother is that it’s a sitcom – and a funny one at that – with complex characters and a whole lotta heart.

And Barney. It also has Barney Stinson.

Some other things it has are impeccable structure (particularly when it comes to open vs closed scenes – but more on that later), tense romantic plots and the kind of characters who become important to you.

I’ve caught up with current episodes, which means I can no longer spend hours a day in their company. And I miss them, damn it!

There’s a lot to learn from this show: many, many dos and one enormous don’t. Let the investigations begin.


what’s with vampires, anyway? (a naff little rant)

Just finished watching the second season of Being Human, and watched True Blood (s03e04) yesterday. So much blood.

I know vampires are huge right now, blah-di-blah. But what is it about those rivers of blood that makes me feel…


It makes me think of the incredible description by Anne Rice in Interview with a Vampire when Louis drinks from his first human. I really wish I had the quote. Louis describes the way he can feel the heartbeat, the way he swoons inside the human until he almost dies with him.

Maybe that’s the fascination: vampires have intimate knowledge of what’s inside us, beyond DNA. They know, much better than us, what makes us human.

conscience off, dick on: true blood is back

I just finished watching the first episode of season three and I’m so happy this show‘s back. I love the whole concept of a racist south being the backdrop for the introduction of a whole new species into society.

Er, that species being vampires, for anyone who hasn’t quite caught up yet.

Special k watched about ten minutes with me and then snorted, shook his head and generally made his disgust known. He thinks it’s total trash.

I also watched the pilot episode of The Sopranos today and it occurs to me that The Sopranos is literary tv to the trashy romance of True Blood.

Though, to be fair, special k was very Sam Vimes about it, and was equally disdainful of both.